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The screen capture you included looks to be correct if your parameter was in fact pour points (as oppose to a stream link raster); each pour point generated a contributing watershed basin. If you want to run the a continuous watershed model across the region then you should use the stream link raster as your second parameter in the Watershed tool. To ...


The problem seems to be long folder names and / or folder names with spaces. If you set the target locations to a simple folder name & path, then all tools work.


It is an error. Your link and presumably image source is the 10.0 help. The error is still present in the 10.1 help. However in the 10.2 help, it has been corrected to show only a 1. It's also worth noting that if you work through the math matrix as whuber has done at Arcmap 10 restrict Flow Accumulation, that error is apparent as well as the adjacent 35 ...

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