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Try Hec-ras, there is an extension to use in ArcGis.


To determine what the river currently is outside the existing river use Euclidean Allocation to 'spread' the value of the river out. Then add the river rise value and select cells less than that: RiverSmear = EucAllocation(Rivers,Arbitrary_Distance,RiverElevation) RiverRise = RiverSmear + HowHighTheRiver NewRiver = Con(DEM < RiverRise,1,0) If you don't ...


I am late here, but this question was my entry into the forum as I was researching the same question. I think that the original poster may want to calculate for each cell the height above the first stream cell that would be reached by water flowing from the cell. So the 'nearest stream' is calculated along the downslope flow path, not euclidian distance. ...

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