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After installing my web adaptor, iis is configured like this: The apppool is configured like this: In my web.config I have the two lines mentioned but I do not receive any error. I suggest you reinstall the webadaptor.


We recently added a couple of wiki pages dealing with installing Mapserver under IIS: https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/wiki/Installing-Mapserver-under-IIS-7.n-with-FastCGI https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/wiki/Configuring-FastCGI-for-Mapserver-on-IIS-5.n-and-6.n-x86 These should get you started, unless you are using php-mapscript: in that case ...


The major difference between IIS and Apache is the price - Apache is free. If you don't need .NET integration and you're new to web servers, Apache is probably your best bet.


This sounds like a common issue with ArcGIS Server 10 and IIS. Please follow the steps in the following whitepaper from Esri. These will configure the ArcGIS Web services and REST applications to run under a separate IIS application pool with the identity of the ArcGIS Web services user and disable per request impersonation. Configure ArcGIS Server REST ...


we finally fixed the issue. turns out there was an explicit rule in our firewall that allows any connection to our arcgis server through 6080 port that seems to be overriding the IIS restrictions. Once we modified the rule to only allow the local ip to access the server, the access from different ip's are not working anymore. Thanks for your advice Sunil. ...


The reason for using a proxy, at least as far as I am aware, is to resolve Cross Domain Issues, where you are trying to load from another domain. If your OpenLayers is hosted on the intranet at http://myserver/index.html and your kml file sits at http://myserver/mykml.kml then there is no need for a proxy. Most likely, there is a problem serving ...


According to the message it means that IIS (Internet Information Services) is not installed . Please install IIS after that reboot the machine then proceed for installation . Step by step guide for win 7 32 bit : How to install IIS on win 7 ? ArcGIS Server 10 : Install guide thanks..

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