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Autorefreshing does actually work with the method used in the question. This ended up being a date issue. After examining the Postgis table geoserver generated, I realized the ingestion date column was the day before the raster date in all the autogenerated rows. So I changed the row I manually add from: ...


I figured it out. In the following line of geoserver.log's stacktrace, (none) is referring to the hostname which wasn't set java.lang.RuntimeException: (none): (none): Name or service not known To resolve the issue I edited /etc/hostname to have a hostname and /etc/hosts to resolve the hostname to an IP. Then I rebooted the box and adding the image mosaic ...


Number 1: what version are you using ? Number 2: Don't use the AOI as it is diffcult process to do for more than 2 images. Number 3: Scroll down to page 18 as it is giving you how to mosaic many images http://www.gis.usu.edu/~alex/WILD6750/Lab05/Lab05/Lab5_Mosaic_TourGuide.pdf

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