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I solved this via ENVI using the Seamless Mosaic tool. The specific field within the tool was "Data Value Ignored" which I input the null value (0) from my dataset.


If you have ERDAS, this will work Black edge (NoData pixels) in Landsat 8 color correction in ERDAS For ENVI, you should be able to do that. My currently job I don't have here with me but I have use that software in the past with NRCS. If I remember correctly, there is a wizard that can allow you to use to perform it but since you are not experience with ...


It depends it your image has nodata (or null) value set up correctly. If you look at the image properties in ArcMap, in the Source tab a NoData Value should be defined. If your NoData Value is not defined, try the "set null" command, where you can have cells converted to null acording to some query rule. But be aware that this tool will be applied to the ...

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