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You can do this via the REST interface by posting to the right URL as indicated here: http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/rest/api/coverages.html#workspaces-ws-coveragestores-cs-coverages-c-format the new XML representation for the coverage layer. I would use the original one as a template to modify and post back to experiment. As an alternative in ...


I will answer my own question. I have fixed the problem by compressing the images using GDAL utilities with LZW compression method instead of the JPEG compression. Also, I have used Layer Group in GeoServer to group the 21 images together instead of ImageMosaic plugin and the problem was gone!


VRT can be used cross platform (if you are using relative paths and you place in the same directory as the images, otherwise the path names are not the same) and read it with ArcGIS. It is also easy to read what you have in it. It is great for processing large collections of coherent non overlapping images (lazy computation at its best) RMD has a set of ...

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