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This effect could be a consequence of having different point densities within the flight line overlap regions. A possible solution would be to homogenize the LiDAR cloud. With Fusion the command line to accomplish such task is ThinData: ThinData allows you to thin LIDAR data to specific pulse densities. This capability is useful when comparing analysis ...


Well, you were using Camp-to-Camp's sandbox code which is not part of the OL releases. Rather it's more for trying out ideas, though it some cases OL may incorporate Camp-to-Camp's code in a future release. As I used their code at one point myself while exploring canvas options with OL, I believe it was a modified version of 2.11 (perhaps 2.12). However, ...


Imagery from Google Earth cannot be downloaded into ArcMap. There are two options here--exporting your vector data to a KML file and validating in Google Earth or use the ArcGIS basemap imagery and check points within ArcMap.


You're going to be doing accuracy assessment. You want to bring the data for validation (Google Earth) into ArcMap. Then you can "truth" the classification for each of your random points in a shapefile. Afterwards you can sample those same points in your classified image and compute your error matrix.


Make sure you're using a 64 bit build of QGIS. The limitation on exported composer sizes/DPI is much higher on a 64 bit build.

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