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RRD (reduced resolution dataset) files are no longer supported by ArcMap, since version 10.1 I believe. By the looks of that, you have an RRD, which is a pyramid set based on an original raster, but no the original data. ArcMap now uses a different type of pyramid with a .tif.ovr file extension. You should be looking for an associated jpeg, the original ...


Your HTML page is on a server (even if it's on your desktop) ? If not, you'll have to host it somewhere Tumblr/any other blog can reach. Do not consider hosting it on your PC tho as you'll have to expose it publicly. Once it has been done, just embeds an iframe in your blog page that will point to your leaflet HTML file. It will do it. Br.


temporal means related to time and yes you're correct. We use the phrase temporal for other purposes too. For example we say temporal resolution that means the time delay between two consecutive images. For example temporal resolution of MODIS is higher than LandSat


Your understanding is correct. Obviously, you aren't limited to just two points in time, but that is only a minor variation. Multi temporal information is generally used for change detection, but it also provides a good tool to take phenological information into account when doing vegetation classification.

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