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The Leica Zeno 20 with Zeno Mobile software is exactly what you are looking for. They have Hexagon Imagery Program (30cm resolution imagery) and Open Street Maps on each device as well as shapefile, ASCII and KML file export.


You should be able to simply add your EPSG:32649 image to a data frame that has its coordinate system already set to EPSG:4326. On-the-fly projection should take care of displaying it in the correct location. If you need to set a transformation, then doing this should trigger a warning for you to do so.


We recently stubled across this issue as well and it is documented here: The merged LiDAR shows the trouble you report. The reason is that one flightline is much brighter than the other flightline so that the LiDAR points cannot simply be merged and have their intensity processed together. In the same flightline you also notice the negative effects of clouds ...


It is possible to change the width or the height of the infowindow changing the CSS of it. For example, if you want to change the height of the image header: div.cartodb-popup.header.with-image { max-height: 300px }


It's normal that azimuth and range resolution of SAR sensors differ, because they depend on different variables: The azimuth resolution (AR) of a SAR system is: AR=Length_of_antenna/2 The slant range resolution (SRR) of a SAR system is: SRR=(Speed_of_light*pulse_length)/2 The ground range resolution (GRR) of a SAR system is: ...

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