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It sounds like you will want to be completing Supervised Classification (I can't find any reliable articles to explain the theory behind Supervised Classification). Take a look at the Supervised Classification to Create Vegetation Layer and Supervised and Unsupervised Classification in ArcGISto see how to use the Image Analysis tool in ArcGIS. If you have ...


No. You need a Mapbox Commercial Satellite licence. https://www.mapbox.com/tos/#[YmtIyw] You may trace Mapbox-hosted imagery in order to produce derivative vector datasets for non-commercial purposes, and for OpenStreetMap. If you wish to produce derivative vector datasets from imagery for commercial purposes, you must buy a Mapbox Commercial Satellite ...


The distinction between primary and secondary data is in where the data originated from. The article linked below states that any data that is created is primary data. However, in your case, you are deriving data from existing primary data. Based on comments above, there is some controversy about whether data derived from primary data is still ...


Openlayers and leaflet usually render tiles in World Mercator EPSG:3857. So you have to reproject your source file into that projection using gdalwarp, then start the tiling.

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