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You can use ogr2ogr with the -sql option to use a sql statement


JJD yes there is. I haven't used it myself. You use the -m option and pass a mapping file that has the old column name and new column name on each line. As Ryan alluded to here: http://www.bostongis.com/pgsql2shp_shp2pgsql_quickguide.bqg I suspect he was thinking of -m and mistyped -f. Hope that helps, Regina


You can a nice tutorial about basic imagery on SAGA at this link: http://dst-iget.in/tutorials/IGET_RS_001/IGET_RS_001%20Introduction%20to%20SAGA.pdf


I imported a Planet File on a 24Gb Machine (Ubuntu Trusty) with the following .. bzcat planet-latest.osm.bz2 | osm2pgsql --verbose -U YourUser --flat-nodes flat-nodes --keep-coastlines --cache 24000 --hstore --hstore-add-index --tablespace-index pg_default --exclude-invalid-polygon --number-processes 6 --unlogged --cache-strategy dense --extra-attributes ...


Your computer should be fine for importing Europe. Given your dataset size and computer, I'd recommend something like this osm2pgsql -c -S /usr/share/osm2pgsql/default.style --slim -d osm-europe --flat-nodes flat-nodes.bin --number-processes 8 -C 20000 europe-latest.osm.pbf I'm assuming that you have an 8 thread CPU, if not, adjust --number-processes. ...

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