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When I wanted to re-import the file after I made some edits, I used: import imp, startup # Use last 3 lines to reload script after saving edits imp.reload(startup) from startup import * run_function() This saved me the trouble of having to restart QGIS.


I received an answer on OSM forum the order of ways on releation members doesn't matter. More info is here...


I had the same problem (Arcmap would not import my csv file with headers, instead it would show Field1, Field2, Field3 etc). When I examined the file headers in Excel, I found...decimals numbers, spaces, percent signs etc. After replacing all of that with underscores or text, I had no problems. I dragged the .csv file into arcmap, opened the attribute ...


If you're able to execute import arcpy in under 4 seconds, the DLL files are already cached in memory, and that's as fast as you can hope to achieve. It's a very large library, and it takes Python a while to read and register. The best way to reduce repeat import cost is to not exit().


I just managed to fix the problem. It turns out I didn't correctly assign the cell-properties of the precipitation data as a number in excel.

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