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For Quantum GIS (QGIS) v 2.0 I would recommend the qNote plugin. It will create a dockable window in your project that you can use to save notes about a project. Go to Plugins>Manage and Install Plugins, select Get More and then search for qNote in the plugin manager console. If you are using ArcGIS Desktop, go to File>Map Document Properties. You can ...


Sewers are much more often driven by hydraulic considerations, which includes elevations in the z axis. The spatial layout is a close second, which deals with coordinates in the x y axis. So what are the hydraulic constraints going to be? The selection of a Mannings n is by far the most troublesome variable. Having said that, I note that there is a ...


You could try using a PostGIS database with topology data type and functions. QGIS also has some topology functionality built in - this could be used if you're looking to have a desktop front end to your platform.


Got these from the Natural Resources Canada web site. It has most of the symbols you need. As for the exact symbols, I found this answer from an ESRI forum which I think is a good answer so I'll just post it here anyway for the benefit of people who are seeking the same information. Mapping Center Answer: We would suggest starting with the ...

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