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IMHO homebrew will be best/easiest, once their build issues are fixed. They are on the case, so if you have a GitHub account you may want to subscribe to notifications on the relevant issue - that way you'll know the moment it is available: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/pull/42845 I just tried the Python easy_install route and it blew up my meagre ...


Since you've indicated that you are using the GISInternals build of GDAL/OGR: You need to install the FileGDB plugin separately. This can be found on the same page as the GDAL-core installer. Just grab the filegdb installer that matches and install it afterward. I.E. for the MSVC 2010 version you'll want: GDAL Core FileGDB Plugin Any of the Python ...


There are a couple of different ways to install QGIS, and you don't mention where you are getting it. Assuming you are using the QGIS standalone installer, I highly recommend that you switch to the OSGeo4W installer. I have run it successfully on WinXP, Vista, and 7. Just do the Express Desktop Install, and if you don't want the other GIS software ...


the solution that worked was me... give administrative privileges to the Windows account ArcGIS , and restart the service ArcGIS Server in services.msc

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