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Esri Canada's tech support answer: In order to automatically have any conflicting applications closed automatically, you will need to create a shell script (bat or vb), check for this process, and kill it before running the silent install. Unfortunately, there is no built-in parameter for this function. This will include any .exe file in ...


Depending on your circumstatances, one way to circumvent this problem is to use a deployment tool which runs the installation during startup, pausing login until the installation has completed. These prevents any components, such as Cache Manager, from starting and locking any of the files. Personally I use wpkg - see http://wpkg.org/Arcgis10 (the link ...


I did some manual editing of the command above and figured out why makensis was looking for "Master'". My eyes are not what they used to be and that extra ' sneaked by me. -DDISPLAYED_NAME='QGIS 'Master ' (2.9.0)' UPDATE: It's definitely a Windows thing. The problem is with Windows interpretation of the single quote. I found some good details in ...


GRASS 7 is not compatible with QGIS 2.8. You can follow the development of the new GRASS plugin on http://www.gissula.eu/qgis-grass-plugin-crowdfunding/progress.html. For 2.8, you will need to install GRASS 6.x.


The Contour plugin metadata seems incorrect concerning the minimum QGIS version required. The earliest version including QgsFieldExpressionWidget is 2.4 http://qgis.org/api/2.4/annotated.html

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