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You can modified the scale bar after you've inserted it. Remember that the Ribbon options are based on whats highlighted/clicked/active. After you've clicked the scale bar, use the SCALE BAR TOOLS > DESIGN menu to modify the label


ESRI answered (via twitter) Options>Units> Highlight Name and Change to the correct spelling. source: https://twitter.com/Esri/status/572928068475478017


You can try to set the language in both QGIS and GRASS. For QGIS: Settings > Options > Locale > place checkmark beside Override system local. For GRASS: Launch the GRASS GUI > Settings > Preferences > Appearance > Language Settings.


Esri doesn't support my language out of box. Furthermore there is no ESRI distributor in my country. How can I access (or buy) Arcmap localization resources? Thanks

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