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Try AmigoCloud https://www.amigocloud.com/homepage/index.html It is cloud based but you can export your data in ~20 different file formats including of course csv and KML. And it fits the use case you describe.


There is a good website here that lists the ever expanding set of 3D rendering libraries for Android. I can't speak to the quality of any of them as I've only ever used JMonkeyEngine very briefly. They do have a range of target platforms (including Android obviously) and are based on various languages including C/C++, Java, and JavaScript. The other option ...


Not familiar with Snap! but I have used Fulcrum in the past for a light weight project surveying bus stops and thought it performed well and was intuitive. I liked the various form templates it had built in. The price can be steep but I talked with one of the developers at a presentation he was giving and was able to get a three months of the Small ...


If Windows tablets are an option (yes yes I know) then you could always try my project Roam http://dms-aus.github.io/Roam/ It is standlone Python app and based on QGIS 2.4. You can use what ever data you like. Shapefile, KML (read only of course on that), Sqlite, etc. Supports any format QGIS does read and write. Supports auto generated forms and ...

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