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GeoTools is a Java library which can read and write GeoJSON and provides access to features like area via the JTS library. It will also help you to reproject the geometries from the lat/lon of GeoJSON to a suitable projection for calculating areas in m^2.


You can do this several ways, I think that the easiest (if you only have a few GIS things to do) is to use Turf see here There are also a couple of GIS library whom are a bit heavier (size wise) leaflet: how to After you can also try openlayers3


I'm the maintainer of the app that Sean Barbeau linked to, and I must say that yes, Leaflet is pretty solid on mobile. You can install the MTA Bus Time app to see how it performs. That said, Leaflet 1.0 looks like it will be even better. If your requirements are not onerous (e.g. you don't need OpenGL), it's the easiest way to go.


OpenCyleMap is a set of map tiles made from OpenStreetMap data. You just need to create a mapping application showing a user's location, with those tiles as a basemap. The URL for the tilelayer is http://{s}.tile.opencyclemap.org/cycle/{z}/{x}/{y}.png, with a and b subdomains (e.g. http://b.tile.opencyclemap.org/cycle/1/1/1.png, which ends up in the ocean).

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