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You can use the ArcGIS SDK for iOS to reproject coordinates from WGS-84 to GDA94. The SDK is a free download from developers.arcgis.com/ios and docs are found online here. Converting points, lines or polygons is a simple operation using the AGSGeometryEngine class. This code snippet, converts a CLLocation object called location from WGS-84 to GDA94: ...


There's another page on the GeoScience Australia website at http://www.ga.gov.au/scientific-topics/positioning-navigation/geodesy/geodetic-techniques/calculation-methods#heading-4 which contains a link to an Excel file. If you download this file, then un-hide rows 8-39, you may be able to unpick their formula and apply it in your app.


I've put a lot of time into trying to get route-me to render vectors. In my opinion using the built in vector rendering, RMPath and markers does not scale to the amount of data needed to render a map. That doesn't mean that route-me isnt an isn't an option, you could use mapnik to do the rendering, then pass the data to route-me to render. As of now there ...

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