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SQLite has R*Tree support, which is probably the best way to approach this problem. See https://www.sqlite.org/rtree.html for an explanation of the concept and implementation. That also explains that your SQLite may have the R*Tree disabled, so that would obviously be worth a check first. If that is a bit too much complexity, consider just using Spatialite ...


SpatiaLite ,a spatial extension to SQLite is the best option for mobile applications.


here is an extension called CarryMap. It does what you exactly want. It exports your mxd into an Exe file that can be opened with a double click. No other software is needed. Furthermore it export your map for use in Android or iOS devices! However you should pay to have the extension (commercial extension). http://www.dataeast.com/en/carrymap.asp ...


This is hard to answer without knowing more of your aims and the type of data you intend to view. But Shapefiles are well supported by FOSS due to their de facto standard status. It may be worth looking at the OGC GeoPackage standard which is the latest format to be described as the "new shapefile". It is supported by GDAL/OGR, QGis and GeoTools at least and ...

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