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Check out CatMDEdit. It's open-source and I think its pretty useful for editing metadata related to spatial data. From their website: CatMDEdit is a metadata editor tool that facilitates the documentation of resources, with special focus on the description of geographic information resources. It's also ISO compliant: Metadata edition in ...


There is a metadata management tool for QGIS called "Metatools". I haven't tried it yet but it offers ISO style metadata handling:


There are Eleven Editors for ISO 19115 http://www.fgdc.gov/metadata/iso-metadata-editor-review 2 Support other Data Storage. Have successful used QR codes to maintain metadata and paper document for a large project - http://code.google.com/apis/chart/image/docs/chart_wizard.html It can be used with a mobile/cell phone without the need on a PC (apart from ...


Beside geo-network, as proposed by simo, you may be interested by EUOSME. For more information, see there. See also this online example.


You probably already heard about geo-network which is an osgeo project supporting metadata standards. You will find all information on the link above and an online example here. MD Web is an open source for cataloging spatial information. It is ISO 19115 and ISO 19139 compliant. It is developed by a french research institute and available in French, ...


This is not related to geoNetwork, but with the metadata schema you are using. I am not sure if there is any metadata schema that supports definition of features, but if there is, you just have to use it and fill the fields so geoNetwork can know about them. More info about metadata schemas here: http://www.fgdc.gov/metadata/geospatial-metadata-standards


Have a look at the ISO 19115-compliant editor 'metabeta' developed by Regione Toscana (an italian local government). DISCLAIMER: I am one of the developers for this product.

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