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How about you write them all to in_memory as you are then the next step is to write out the final dataset, you know what %n% is so it should be fairly easy to export out. Hornbydd Oct 24 at 7:51 @Hornbydd Months later, I finally understand your reply. I could not think how to get n, realized that for this specific purpose, I'm using a FOR loop, with a ...


Esri has registered 2 duplicate bugs corresponding to your issue: NIM-103740 - When a model with an iterator is run from within ModelBuilder, it completes correctly, but overwrites the outputs when run as a tool; NIM-098729 - In ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.1, when running a model with the Iterate Feature tool, an incorrect number of outputs are generated ...


Your sub-model should end with a Collects Value tool (exposed as a parameter). This collects the featureclasses and returns a list to the master model. Your merge tool can take this list as the input.

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