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Try making the table view permanent by using Table to Table and then try the %n% system variable. Alternatively, call the Value variable: vshed_%Value%_View Additional Information: A quick tour of using inline variable substitution Examples of in-line variable substitution with ModelBuilder system variables


I usually approach situations like this using a few steps. The general process is to determine the maximum value in each polygon and then determine which points actually has that value: First join a unique identifier from the polygons to the points (Using intersect, spatial join, etc..). This doesn't have to be OBJECTID, but it can be. Then run summary ...


I'm not sure how to manage your changing neighborhood size, but here is already an answer. Iterate Rasters runs the same tool/chain of tools for a series of datasets in the specified workspace, so it's not going to do what you need. If you want to reuse the output of the model as input a number of times, you should do the following: Right-click the input ...

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