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How you have it now, you're going to run the tool using the FID and SHAPE fields. You need to limit your fields to the ones you actually want to use as input. Also, when you use field as the input in the tool, it's actually the field object. You need to use field.name instead. import arcpy #should use two backslashes in file path arcpy.env.workspace = ...


I am just considering your attached image only. Create a string variable (i see "Vendors" what you created) for "Code Value" and another for "Code description" (say you created "My Coded Value Description") as string. Then double click in the tools' "Code Value" and write %Vendors% ;again double click on "Code Description" and write %My Coded Value ...


If you are trying to create a shapefile for each station with these 31 fields (daily weather readings) and your rows contain weather station records, you are making a logical mistake. Your Make XY Event tool expects two fields to yield locations but Iterate Field will return only one (field, field value). So, the tool becomes blank expecting to be introduced ...


I created a new text field, Field Calculated the integer field to it, and it ran fine, so I guess the issue was with the integers.


I would suggest try using the model only tool parse path to force the name into your copy features tool. You can find the parse path tool under the same menu as the feature selection iterator. For the parse path tool select name and use the name of the variable for the string variable substitution. Also make it a precondition to copy features.


I finally got it to work by making "Maintain fully qualified names" a variable from the environment. I did it for both the make feature layer and copy features just in case. I also made another variable for field info, but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it working. It's really frustrating that changing the environment settings alone doesn't ...

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