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Cast the layout to IGraphicsContainer and call IGraphicsContainer.FindFrame, passing the map surround as its argument. The returned frame is an IElement instance.


You probably didn't want to just iterate over the whole file, but rather iterate over each of the (interesting) values, for each of the time steps you want. Here is some code adapted from the sample code import traceback import sys from gribapi import * INPUT='multi_1.nww3.t00z.grib2' VERBOSE=1 # verbose error reporting def example(): f = ...


I haven't worked very much with GRIB files, but I have worked with meteorological forecast data in other file types such as NetCDF. In my experience, there is often a time step associated with a forecast grid and thus, it will be recorded in the file as a forecast hour. The step must then be used along with the timestamp from the header to calculate the ...

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