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The following is the Java source code for the Import SRTM tool in the open-source GIS Whitebox GAT, for which I am a developer. You can use it as an example for how to convert the endianness of the data to that of the system. https://code.google.com/p/whitebox-geospatial-analysis-tools/source/browse/trunk/ImportExport/src/plugins/ImportSRTM.java Feel free ...


I think the application server will be doing very little so I would just go with whatever web framework you are already familiar with. You can configure GeoServer completely using their REST API and you can manipulate/query the data directly from GeoServer using WMS/WFS (preferably with JSONP) without having to touch PostGIS directly. All the application ...


Here is a working and simpler solution I found: Intersect intersect = new Intersect(in1 + ";" + in2, out); where in1 , in2 and out are strings giving the full path of input and output feature class.

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