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I would suggest looking at the GDAL/OGR libraries and their Java bindings. The javadocs are here, gdal.org . They're in the in the Maven repo as well. (Not tried the Java bindings, only the python ones, but they look identical). The following question gives an example of what you're trying to do (it's in python, but the java bindings should be the same). ...


I have solved this issue now and for those interested, the code is posted below... I help you all find this helpful: public final class ExportLayerToShapefileAction extends SelectionAction { public ExportLayerToShapefileAction() { super("gsExportToShapefile"); } @Override protected void doActionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { IFeatureSelection ...


Oracle Spatial comes with a collection of Java APIs, and one of them lets you read shapefiles. That API is documented here: http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/SPAJV/toc.htm. Look for the oracle.spatial.util package, specifically class ShapefileFeatureJGeom. It uses lower level classes that perform the actual reading of the shapefile (DBFReaderJGeom and ...


This is a simple operation in GeoTools, once you have read in the Shapefile you will have a FeatureCollection which you just need to write to an Oracle Datastore. I have an example of how to write a Database (mysql and postgis are the examples included) here.

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