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Just to help anyone else who ends up here as I did recently! There is a bug in GeoTools that prevents DESCENDING working as a sort order. See this PR for the fix which will be applied shortly.


I just found the solution (several minutes after..). Subfields have to be set to the fieldName: queryFilter.setSubFields(fieldName); and it works very fast!


@vink is correct. DGN is short form for 'design'.The file is used for storing CAD drawings. Most popular versions of DGN are v7 by Intergraph and v8 an improved version by Microstation.The internal format is described in dgnlib c/c++ library website.You may want to write your own parser looking at the format internals.If you want specifically in C# there is ...


You cannot simply print a class. If you want to do so, you have to add a toString() method to it. See e.g. or or ...


You need to close the polygon by adding the start point to the end of the list of points that you build the WKT with. So change it to: for (var z = 0; z < arreglo.length; z++) { arreglo2.push(arreglo[z][0]+" "+arreglo[z][1]); } arreglo2.push(arreglo[0][0]+" "+arreglo[0][1]); But I'm pretty sure you can use the OpenLayers WKT ...

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