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I think you need to use IdentityManager from the API that allows you to sign in with your arcgis.com account and then receive access to the data. Whatever users from your organization that have accounts can sign in as well. https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/jsapi/identitymanager-amd.html And here is a sample that shows what I think you are trying to ...


They are not bad coordinates. They are in Web Mercator (EPSG: 3857 aka 900913 - units meters). This is the default projection for Openlayers. These coordinates are perfectly normal but what you mean is "how can I get coordinates in decimal degrees projected to EPSG: 4326" (which is what you were expecting). To do that, see this example where you can see ...


This is because losing focus on the map inside winform. You can use yourBrowserControl.Document.Focus() to re-focus on the map after any of your c# actions and you will get your mouse wheel control back. In my case, I used splitContainer to split the screen and I used the following code which works out great. Every time when I click on the map, it will ...


If you use the default ol map, your map use probably the EPSG:3857 but your wms doesn't allow this CRS (see <CRS>tags in your GetCapabiltities). Allow this projection in the layer's definition of your WMS server config and it will work.


If you do (or want to) use the Leaflet 1.0 Beta version, Marker and Path have an interactive option. If false, the marker will not emit mouse events and will act as a part of the underlying map. (from leaflet beta API)


When you have a layer that also listens for click then it will pick up the top most layer's event. Check out this fiddle. You can add the shape click handler and see that it picks that up instead of the map's.

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