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You can do this in a few steps: edit: As Ali pointed out, you do need your grid to be polygons, not lines for this workflow. Create a field on the grids to hold the area of each grid (or since they are the same in this case, just note what that area is) Intersect the grids and land usage layers. Compare the area of each output polygon from the intersect ...


Your technique will have to vary depending on the scale of geometry differences, and the type of geometry. Polygon to Polygon could be easy (create points from the poor geometry layer -> spatially join to the good geometry -> look for polygons get have multiple or no points -> manually adjust those) Point to Point could also be easy (search for nearest ...


Do you need to have them as a shapefile? If not, try creating a new .gdb and feature class. Create the fields you want/need. Then begin loading the data from your shapefiles to the fields of your choice. It may not be as automated as you would like but this should work. You could export it out again as a .shp if you prefer that or need it as a deliverable.


In the Spatial Adjustment toolbar you should be able to use the attribute transfer tool.

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