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Apparently adding print(joinObject.memoryCache) ensures that all layers are cached. Not sure why but this seems to only work if you print the bool state of QgsVectorJoinInfo::memoryCache, otherwise only some layers are cached. Weird. Here is the code: shp = QgsMapLayerRegistry.instance().mapLayersByName( "Main" )[0] shpField = 'ID' root = ...


If you're using ArcGIS: You can use the Near tool. You can also use the Spatial Join tool and under Match Options, choose Closest.


Add Join requires that the Target is a Layer or a Table View, not a Feature Class or Table. The difference is that Layers and Table Views exist only in ArcMap Desktop and support display and record selections while the other is what is stored on disk and shown in ArcCatalog that does not let you select records. Copy Rows only creates a Feature Class or ...


Did you try to export your .xls file to dBase Table then join and export. This should work by my experience.


I have problems with Excel all the time, hate it! Convert your Excel file into a table (dbf or geodatabase table) Now check that table looks OK, right number of rows/correct field names Do your join with this new table and export that.

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