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Based on your comment, it sounds like you are adding each raster band separately, instead of the raster dataset. When you use the Add Data button and navigate to your jpg, don't double click on the jpg filename and select the individual bands, just select the file itself and click the Add button.


It sounds like the symbology settings are using a stretched value rather than RGB. Open the properties of the JPG and go to the Symbology Tab. Make sure RGB Composite is selected.


QGIS now has a very impressive rendering engine which you can use to drape one image over another. For example you can get a nice "3D effect" by draping an ortho-photo over a hillshade raster. You set the rendering in the first raster's Layer Properties page on the "Style" tab. There are several kinds of rendering, the "Darken" or "Multiply" options gives an ...

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