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(duplicate of CartoDB layer not showing up on over mapbox layer but legend is on Stack Overflow) Answer copied below. There seem to be several mistakes here. First of all, you would facilitate your own debugging by testing each individual functionality separately (bootstrap, cartodb…). You duplicate several libraries includes: Leaflet CSS and JS and ...


"olayer" is just a string instead of a reference. As such it does not provide a method called SetVisibility. When you want to set olayers properties (be aware that there are no quotes) or call its methods you have to use a reference to it: var vari = olayer; olayer.SetVisivility(true);


I have been struggling with the same issue, but I seem to have come across a solution that works pretty well. In the Docs there is no visibility style option for vector features. But you can set the opacity of an ol.style.Icon or the alpha of the fill and stroke for an ol.style.Circle and ol.style.RegularShape How I got it to work was to set a style ...


If you still have the reference to your marker, simply use marker.options to access the options object assigned to it. In your case: marker.options.draggable.

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