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thanks to the tips you send me from stackoverflow I managed to make the features editable. Now for the WFS layer part, I think that you'll have to construct the WFS-T query by yourself as here in the Georepublic example or as in my case switch to a server side language like php or use Node.js and store directly to the database if you have one. I almost ...


Create a second style with bigger scale: style2 = [ new{ image: new{ scale: .9, opacity: 1, rotateWithView: false, anchor: [0.5, 1], anchorXUnits: 'fraction', anchorYUnits: 'fraction', src: '//' + 'master/images/marker.png' })), zIndex: 5 }) ] ...


I create jsfidle and I didn't get the error. I don't know how this example should work. Can you provide more information about desired interactions?

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