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You can try using OpenLayers click, and not jquery click. Here are examples: OpenLayers-2.13.1/examples/click.html, getting-the-coordinates-of-a-click-in-openlayers-map/ I created an example and uploaded to my website, it is available here: http://xerocode.com/gis/Openlayers.html Fragments from my html file. Pay attention to the START/END blocks. ...


specifically for the d3js pie charts, data( [ data.rows ] ) might solve your problem


After you have done the request you already have the data so you don't need to use d3.json, just feed the data to a selection and work with that. On d3 you can bind data to a selection (usually data is a javascript array, in this case could be data.rows), and then use that data to create your pie graph as in this example. So something like: var piechart ...

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