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EDIT: Actually it didn't work. My fault. Still not founding for example shift method and so on. OLD: I used 2 step solution: First solved problem with methods of Function,Array,String Second solved problem with JSON


Initially, I thought it's fine since I can see the shape of the map on QGIS and MapShaper but not geojson.io. But after I tried out the CRS options one by one on GIS. I just figured out I am using the wrong CRS. Nevertheless, thanks for the quick reply.


you can add the geojson within the success callback success: function(data) { var geoJsonLayer = L.geoJson(data, { onEachFeature: function(feature, layer) { feature.bindPopup('Hi!'); } }); // the rest as before... markers.addLayer(geoJsonLayer); map.addLayer(markers); }


Loading and displaying GeoJSON with Leaflet has been pretty well detailed here: http://leafletjs.com/examples/geojson.html

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