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Figured it out. You can clear the Data interoperability cache by clicking "Clear Cache" found under the Data Interoperability tab in ArcMap Options: Customize -> ArcMap Options -> Data Interoperability tab -> Clear Cache


It seems you are not aware Openlayers 2 is already able to write your features to XML based formats, so I'm not sure using x2js is useful (but I don't know your use case) It can be KML, GPX, GML v2, GML v3. Those are all subsets of XML. Read the API docs for more. You can see a sample using your code to create GML (you can also look at Vector Formats ...


You'll have to patch existing software in order to use such a format, but there's nothing wrong with embedding GeoJSON in other JSON formats. JSON is super extensible like this. Every object is its own namespace. If you look in the other direction, there are some applications, namely Leaflet, http://geojson.io, Fiona's command line programs, that will ...

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