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You can't get a JSON result from the XAPI-compatibility endpoint. Instead, use the standard Overpass API (“interpreter”) endpoint and put the [out:json]; at the very start of your ql query: ...


OSRM does not provide currently a public transportation feature. However, you can set different profiles as by foot or by bicycle by changing the routing profile. OSRM's routing profiles are located in the folder profiles of the Project-OSRM directory. You will find already there three profiles: bicycle.lua, car.lua and foot.lua. These profiles are written ...


I've resolved this proble following procedure at this link. How to convert coordinates from meters to decimal degrees?


Some of the geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS respect output coordinate system environment setting, but not this one. You need to run the Project tool beforehand creating a projected shapefile first (use the WGS 1984 GCS). This will create a new shapefile on the disk with coordinates defined in lat/long.

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