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I have realised that proj4js doesn't work in IE below version 9


You can use GeoJSON.Net. I'm planning to work with it. I'll let you know it's usefulness when I do.


I probably find the answer or at least a point to start from. There is already work done on serving on the fly a spatial layer through geoJson. https://github.com/bmcbride/PHP-Database-GeoJSON In my case I will change the code so as get the layer attributes from the db & the location from the external gazetteer & build on the fly a GeoJSON ...


It looks like using the read() method was returning a string. json.load will return you a json object that you can then parse: import urllib2 import json url = "http://<myserver-name>/ArcGIS/rest/services/CU/MapServer?<layer-index>f=pjson" response = json.load(urllib2.urlopen(url)) min_scale = response["minScale"] max_scale = ...

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