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It's worth noting that the encoding format you are using is Google's Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format. I was also not able to find a tool that converted directly from EPAF to GeoJSON, but I did find a mapbox project on Github that provides the functionality in JavaScript. As you said you are not a coder, I wrapped the functionality into a JSFiddle for you ...


You read in the shapefile using a shapefile datastore and write out the KML using a KML datastore.


I followed the same steps explained in this question about GML .gz files and it worked. iface.addVectorLayer on a gml file causes "Select vector layers to add" dialog (pyqgis) 1- Open one of the layers 2- Get its full URL iface.activeLayer().dataProvider().dataSourceUri() 3- Iterate through them


I haven't tested it yet but I was looking for this and found a plugin - vaguely titled spirix_shapefile_importer that imports shapefiles into newer versions of sketchup including sketchup 2016 (plugin Ruby).

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