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Check out the Overpass Turbo API. Use the wizard to simply search for your desired OpenStreetMap routes using their location or the route's osm-id and then press the export-tab. There you can choose "KML" as an export format.


Given that VBA is a programming language, in theory, it is possible to process a KMZ file. However, you must first unzip it from binary into KML format. Maybe look at how-to-parse-process-a-kmz-file and Read From Binary Files in Visual Basic for inspiration. Then you need to parse this hierarchically structured KML data and reconcile it with the relationally ...


You do not specify which ArcGIS for Desktop tool or version you tried to use to do the conversion. However, legend creation is discussed in the help page entitled Creating KML in ArcGIS for Desktop where it says: A legend is the only screen overlay that you can include in your KML created in ArcGIS for Desktop. Legends added in the map document ...


The answer depends on how robust your KML reader is and what you want to do. I downloaded both kmz files and renamed each file to .zip like you did. They are just zip files after all. I took the section of the code you posted above from <Folder> ... </Folder> and put it in the MD1558.kml file right after the MD1558.kml ... </Folder> ...


You could save out the KML and then use notepad++ to do a search and replace using regular expressions. So in notepad++ I would use: and in the replace tab just place <description></description>

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