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You might be able to find them at visionofbritain.org.uk certainly if you contact them they will have those boundaries in their DB. I'm pretty sure they are publicly archived somewhere as a condition of the grant.


Check out the Overpass Turbo API. Use the wizard to simply search for your desired OpenStreetMap routes using their location or the route's osm-id and then press the export-tab. There you can choose "KML" as an export format.


I just searched via Google and found a page entitled OSM in Google Earth which says: Look at Query-to-map to select small parts or single objects of OSM and show them as KML also in Google Earth. I recommend reviewing the Query-to-map page.


I had an error like this but the reason wasn't the bad kml's formatting. It was the bad data exported to Kml file. Yeah, I my case, the Google Earth message was about "parsing". What happened? I had imported points data into ArcGIS but with mistaken the labels East by North and North by East. After, I exported points data to kml using ArcGIS. When I tried ...

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