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I don't know the software you use, but I could get the data into QGIS: The corner points and the one from the second screenshot seem to be correct in North Kansas, and correspond to real estate borders in Google satellite imagery. Two sides are made up of streets that are in OSM maps as well. As you found out, the base point WGS84 coordinates are wrong ...


http://commodities.globalforestwatch.org/ has a Palm Oil concessions layer under the contextual maps, land use category. Coverage seems limited to Indonesia, Brazil, and Western Africa.


Let's start by providing some missing details (because I doubt most readers know what the Tienstra resection problem is). There are three control points A, B, C, visible from an unknown point P. Angles at P between points A, B, C are observed, via theodolite or sextant, as α, β, γ. Angles at the corners of the triangle ABC are calculated, ...

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