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I've tried out a bit and found that: RasterBricks, as mentioned by RobertH's answer, do work and are more user-friendly and easy to use; Rgdal methods like readGDAL also work, but with more parameters it's a little bit less user-friendly; So which option should one use? According to my tests (on my 420GB GeoTiff with dimensions of 18660x21592 and 374 ...


I'm a little late to the party, but this may help others. Photoshop has the ability to read/write 'raw' format files. On opening the file you have to tell it how large the header is, if there is one, plus the dimensions, number of bands, and band layout (interleaved or no). GDAL can read/write the ENVI file format, which is essentially a raw file with a ...


As you have a single file, you should create a RasterBrick. That should make things faster as it could indeed benefit from the by pixel interleave. By creating a RasterStack you create a list of RasterLayers, i.e. you treat each "band" as a separate file.

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