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I try to use the qgsAffine plugin to do the transformation. But no idea its usage. Anyone can post an example. Many thanks!! Here is my coordinates: Original x 0.3704 (EPSG:4326) to Target long 114.2031 Original y 0.52804 (EPSG:4326) to Target lat 22.3249


the raster data and the shape file still don't share the same extent, there is another way to export the projected raster data with sharing the same extent like your point data. Save it for a New raster data as a tiff file. and this New raster data would have same extent as your shape file. hope it works.


With recent release by Google of Open Location Code, there was a good questioning about Geohash. Infortunately, I didn't see something about polygons Geohash. As you are looking for various implementations for Geohash like solutions, look at Google comparison of various algorithms and solutions at ...


According to this tutorial the map function returns a list: >>> items = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] >>> >>> def sqr(x): return x ** 2 >>> list(map(sqr, items)) [1, 4, 9, 16, 25] >>> So your code should be something like this: def Distance(Latitude, Latitude2, Longitude, Longitude2) pList = map(math.radians, ...

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