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You can add your .dbf table into ArcMap and then create an XY event layer which you will be able to export to a shapefile. Read more details here: Adding x,y coordinate data as a layer


It worked I guess the problem was in the "degree" symbol which i replaced with "~" in the excel sheet and also in the vba code and bang !!! It worked !!! reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QxxuSIFdFU


Are the longitude and latitude values in separate fields? Because the Convert_Decimal function requires a single value. After trying this myself, I think you were trying to convert the DMS values to DD in-place. That is, in the same column. Instead, use the script in a new column, referring to the one you want to convert. See image below where I have a DMS ...


Terminology By definition, the scale is the amount by which (infinitesimal) distances are multiplied by the projection. Whenever a tiny displacement of d meters on the earth is associated with a displacement of d/s meters on the map, the scale is written as 1:s. It may depend on the direction of the displacement. The scale factor compares the scale at ...


1. Degrees to Radians: convert decimal degrees to radians, in JS: // Converts from degrees to radians. Math.radians = function (degrees) { return degrees * Math.PI / 180; }; console.log(Math.radians(45) * 4); // correctly = PI 2. Calcul of scale factor k: Then, mathematicians, who generally talk in Radians, expose : "In Mercator projection the ...


I write this html script for you from this formule, x and y are taken from your example. Edit : This code was written for your previous question in which you are looking for a javascript code (This question has been deleted). I'm sorry if I'm off topic and I hope this code will help you anyway. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> ...


Here's my rule of thumb table... Latitude coordinate precision by the actual cartographic scale they purport: Decimal Places Aprox. Distance Say What? 1 10 kilometers 6.2 miles 2 1 kilometer 0.62 miles 3 100 meters About 328 feet 4 10 meters About 33 feet 5 ...


Yes, they are related. One value or the other does not give you enough information for a location. You need to have both values to have a point in space.


One could use either kind of latitude to locate points on the WGS 84 ellipsoid (used by the NED) or any other ellipsoid, but "everybody knows" that the values will always be given as geodetic latitudes. However, it is surprisingly hard to find an authoritative statement to that effect! Before we go on, it helps to understand that although a datum like the ...


The answer is given in the metadata. Geographic coordinate system Horizontal datum of NAD83, except for AK which is NAD27 Both versions of NAD (North American Datum) are geodetic systems.


NAD 83 is the datum used to define the "geodetic" network in North America. NAVD 88 was established in 1991 by the minimum-constraint adjustment of "geodetic" leveling observations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico

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