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It would be better to remove the layer using arcpy.mapping.RemoveLayer. The parameters are the data frame to remove the layer from (possibly a group layer if you are trying to remove from a group) and the layer itself, this alleviates any chance of confusion: def onClick(self): mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("CURRENT") df = ...


You don't have to save your annotations as a layer. Simply toggle the Text Annotation function in the toolbar and press Ctrl + T to switch it on/off. Your annotations will be saved within your project.


According to your edit, you want to create a map (layers, featured services etc) using ArcGis for Desktop, which in turn will be used via the Javascript API in my application This is simply not possible. When you publish a map as MapService, it takes on the projection of the Map. In ArcGIS for Desktop, there is no out of the box way to change the ...


you can store your annotation in point layer. and label it to [Right click >> Properties] use as annotation layer. Follow simple steps below: Make sure your point feature is not visible. only the label is visible. Right click on layer >>properties>> Style tab. Select Simple marker or simple choose any hollow marker and set Size to 0.00000 as shown in ...

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