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First, feature classes don't have symbology attributes. Symbology is attributed to layers in ArcGIS. When you add a feature class to a table of contents in ArcMap, a layer is created, though not saved anywhere as a .lyr file. If you are having your users add a feature class to ArcMap that they then symbolize as desired, below is the way of saving that ...


This should work: import arcpy, os, sys InFolder = sys.argv[1] OutFolder = sys.argv[2] arcpy.env.workspace = InFolder for ThisRas in arcpy.ListRasters(): arcpy.MakeRasterLayer_management (ThisRas,"Layer"); arcpy.SaveToLayerFile_management("Layer",OutFolder + "\\" + ThisRas + ".lyr",True,"CURRENT"); arcpy.Delete_management("Layer") It ...


Perhaps the calculator is your answer. From "Raster-Raster Calculator" you can create new layers from others. For the the intersection you can use the "AND".


This way it worked fine for me: Try to get symbology in a separate line?

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