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First of all I would strongly recommend that you export your map to either a PDF or an image file and use that to plot. This is especially true for very complex maps with lots of layers, rasters, transparencies, annotations, etc. The Page Print and Setup Dialog has nothing to do with printing. Its sole purpose is to set a physical layout page size of your ...


http://gislab.net/pics/3.jpg This is what you need to do i believe, right click on the map part you created (not the margins Arc wants to put the map in) then goto distribute, then goto fit to margins. This will make your map fit the margins of your layout choice. I would have put in comments, but it wouldnt let me


In the Data Frame Properties it seems you have specified a clip option. Go to Data Frame Properties and then to the Data Frame tab. In the "Clip options" change from "Clip to shape" to "No clipping". If you want to show only data that are within the polygon you might use the "Definition query" option in your shapefile properties.

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