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I'm not familiar with this feature but there seems to be some .net methods and properties: IFrameElement.DraftMode Property AND IFrameDraw.DrawDraftMode Method


If it were possible to do this then there should be a property to do it in the DataFrame (arcpy.mapping) help. There is not, and to me that makes sense because draft mode seems to be a graphic effect of the ArcMap application. To do something which is effectively the same, I think you will need to write some ArcPy code to save your layers (perhaps as layer ...


On the top menu bar of ArcMap in the Layout View, click the Insert menu, and then click Picture. The properties dialog for the picture element will give you a number of options, including a useful option called "Save Image as Part of Document" which stores the image as part of the map document: Best Luck with this.


I am not sure if this is a common problem but I definitely run into this all the time with Office 2013. In my case when I copy and paste excel spreadsheets into layout colours disappear on export but text generally remains intact. Copying and pasting simple spreadsheets works fine but when the spreadsheet is a little more more graphically intense or ...

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