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The page size (outline) and the data frame (which are visible in your images) are two different things, and are not automatically adjusted to each other. You have to do that manually when changing layout/page size (this is why I always use layout templates). ArcMap doesn't know how much of your page each (if you have more than one) data frame should cover, ...


I'm not sure what it is you're asking. If you want the coordinates of the vertices, you'll have to create a point layer from your vertices. However, to me, it looks like you wan the grid/graticule coordinates to be displayed on your polygon, instead of the edge of the dataframe. If you want the graticule labels to display like in your image, Go to your ...


Firstly, Create a point layer by the point of which coordinate you want to show, then add X,Y field and calculate geometry in decimal degrees.Go to XY tool to add callouts then modify this callout by double click as the shot below-

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