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There isn't much out there in terms of MOOCs for remote sensing. The most recent offering i have come across was from The European Space Agency - Monitoring Climate from Space. The next session of this MOOC starts on the 25th of July 2016. Week 1 - Observing Climate Change from Space What is Earth observation? How do we observe the Earth with satellites? ...


This website lists out several options for you to consider... Learning GDAL and Open-source Tutorials OSGeo Trac Check out the options documented in this question, which address open source training in general.


Arc GIS have introduced the image classification tool in version 10. If You want to classify the images using Arc Map. Check this tutorial of the tool. You may also use other softwares like ENVI or ERDAS IMAGINE for this purpose. For the case of ENVI this tutorial guides you through the process and can perform both supervised and unsupervised ...


You can start with geotools tutorials, which is helpful for beginners. It provides an introduction to GIS workshop making use of examples from GeoTools and other Java libraries.

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