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Psychoanalysis is to the subconscious what cartography is to Sahara dunes. -- Anonnymous -- - History is nothing but geography over time, such as geography is nothing but history in space. -- Élisée Reclus -- (translated from french)


Here is one example from the John Hutton Institute in Aberdeen (formerly The Macaulay Institute - where I headed up their commercial GIS team, though didn't create this game), Scotland, which might provide some ideas.


API choice is related to the scope and purpose of your project, not to mention your budget if you in fact want to use some specific functionality. The other major caveat is your web development experience, and what language you prefer or have interest in. I think the best way to answer your question is to provide a nice listing of API's available to you. ...


I use leafletjs and I think it is very simple. It is javascript based, and can draw features using various data sources. Basically, you insert the map code into a .html file and then view the file. I cannot comment on other API's, but I think that google is pretty simple, as well as Openlayers. Also, there are services like MapBox that do not require you ...


You can always try R and RShiny. You can easily create an webApp and project the results of your app into a map :D Check for more info: http://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/superzip-example.html

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