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Not sure there's a simple process to achieve this in QGIS, atleast not that I know of. To get a similar legend icon, you can follow this link: Continuous color band for a raster legend in QGIS composer legend. To get the legend to say High or Low, you can achieve this by deleting everything inside the Legend Format textbox and then manually type "High" ...


If you have ArcGIS version 10.2, to get the headings to sit properly as in the legend on the right you need to make sure that fixed frame strategy is switched off. So in the legend properties make sure fixed frame is switched off on the layout panel (see below). Then to define items to be in new columns select the item you wish to be in a new column on ...


I often find it easier to make multiple legends - each with only one or two feature classes and then just line them up next to each other. It is much easier to control the text that way and only slightly less convenient.


You can make a paletted raster by assigning a colortable in the legend. If you have a raster called r and a data frame like yours above called ctab, with value and red/green/blue colour values, you can do something like this: > ctable = rep(NA,max(ctab$value)+1) > ctable[ctab$value+1] = rgb(ctab$red,ctab$green,ctab$blue,maxColorValue=255) > ...

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