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So perhaps you can 1) create a line ID per line then 2) split lines at each point feature then 3) generalize those lines then 4) dissolve the lines together based on the line ID from step 1?


Buffer the points by 10 metres and then ERASE


Create proximity polygons to segments, using Spatial analyst, raster to polygon. Inresect them with road polygons. Felix


If it's acceptable for the entire line for the dead end street to be drawn using a square cap, then you could use QGIS' "data defined symbology" to achieve this. In your line style properties, click the "data defined properties" button. Check the "cap style" option, then click the expression button. Your expression will need to look something like this: ...


If the segment_ID is in the attribute table Split Layer will split the original file based on the field you input.


QGIS lines have a join style and a cap style. If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a feature to have different cap styles depending on whether the cap is at a line end which meets another line or if it's a dead end. That is not implemented yet as far as I know.


Buffer the lines. Use Difference to subtract the buffer polygon from the original polygon (p0).


There is a QGIS plugin called Digitizing Tools: The documentation says: Split selected features with selected line(s) from another layer applies to: line and polygon layer (multi or single part) Splits all selected features of the active layer with the selected line features of another layer. The splitting creates new features (not multi features). Each ...


I had the same problem and tried James S' solution, but couldn't get the GDAL to work with Fiona. Then I discovered the SAGA algorithm "Cross Profiles" in QGIS 2.4, and got exactly the result I wanted and that I presume you are looking for too (see below).

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