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Why don't you just save the edits to your wfs-t? If you don't have to use Mapserver you could for example use Geoserver to publish your services and save your edits and users could download the layer directly from Geoserver as shapefiles. ...


The Digitizing Tools plugin will do the trick. One of the tools in that plugin is called "Split Selected Features With Selected Lines from Another Layer"


OpenLayers runs in the browser, and does not provide a method for generating shapefiles. What I would suggest is generating GeoJSON of your drawn featurres and POSTing that to the server, where you can use your language of choice to generate a shapefile from the GeoJSON.


You can do this with the Intersect tool. Normally, performing an intersect with polygons will only return the overlapping area. But if you change the output_type from INPUT to LINE, then you can get just the collinear borders between polygons. If this is our input: And we change the output_type parameter: We get the green lines as output: The ...


You can do this with python if you are at least at ArcGIS 10.1. If you have ArcInfo, you can use the Feature to Line tool. Otherwise, you can use this simple script. This script does not support true curves though. The resulting lines, if topologically correct should overlap then you can run an intersect of this line fc on itself to find the boundaries ...


As has been suggested earlier and in the ST_Split documentation, you must first snap your line to the points and then call ST_Split. If you are like me, an example is worth more than words: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS split; CREATE TABLE split AS( SELECT (ST_Dump(ST_Split(ST_Snap(a.the_geom, b.the_geom, 0.00001),b.the_geom))).geom FROM line_table a JOIN ...

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