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This answer applies to 10.3. Have you tried using the Editing tool "Split" for all these tasks? Start editing your line, select the relevant section, and then go to the Editor dropdown and select "Split". This lets you split a line or line segment into parts based on distance from start or end of the line, into equal parts, or by a percentage. You don't need ...


If the endpoints of your segments are within 5000 km of each other, then pick some suitable midpoint (e.g., the point halfway between the 2 midpoints), and use this as the center of projection for GeographicLib's gnomonic projection. Map the two line segments into this projection and solve the resulting 2d intersection problem. This will give you a good ...


If you are looking at the latest documentation then that is the correct syntax but you are using an old GeoServer so need to consult the older manual which makes no mention of the parameter. If you'd like to use this feature you will need to upgrade your GeoServer version to 2.9+.


Have you checked Preferred measurements units setting in Settings > Options?


What you seek can be done easily using the digitizing tools plugin. The plugin adds a new toolbar with a couple of new tools. The tool you need for this task is the amend line. It get active when you turn edition mode in a line layer. And you use it by clicking the begin or end vertex of a line and then keep clicking for new vertex. To finish, you ...


The Node Tool can be a little difficult to handle, and can give random results when dealing with end points. You are following the correct procedure, but sometimes the new point seems to be created "under" the old one (it just happened to me). Just try again and maybe try to change the zoom level. It should work eventually.

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