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Create a unique ID for the lines Create Routes from the lines - double check your line directions are the same Locate features along routes (your points) Divide the distance along the line by line length x 100%


I'm not sure if you're asking to just create mile markers at a set distance or if you want to create the points from a distance attribute. My answer covers both methods: To use the distance field from your shapefile, export your shapefile to csv then use 'Make Route Event Layer' and point to the csv. If you only want points, select points - you'll have to ...


TESTED USING THE LRS PLUGIN VER 0.3.6 Your problem may be that you need to update your plugin/QGIS version This is from the changelog of the LRS plugin: changelog: 0.3.6 - Fixed issue #6 (PostGIS data types not supported by memory provider) Your point files needs to have an attribute for distance along the line. It also needs a route ID field. Your line ...


Since your accidents are snapped to your lines, if your lines are already segmented the way you want and you don't mind the accidents being counted on two or more segments when they fall exactly on an intersection you can use Spatial Join with the One To One option with your lines as the target and the points as the join features. This will create a new ...

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