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As suggested above I created a view by doing a full outer join on the inspection table to the event table to the pipe table. The points were then created using the Create Points on Lines tool which allows for distance of points to be created using a specified field.


You cannot use standard point pattern statistics because the assumed spatial process is being constrained to a linear process. The assumption of a Poisson distributed Complete Spatial Randomness (CSR) does not hold. The entire problem becomes one-dimensional and expectations based on area need to be redefined to distance thus, the single dimension of the ...


You can convert the lines to points at fixed distance of 100m using Create Points From Lines using ArcGIS. Or You can achieve the same thing if you already have QGIS with SAGA installed. Then under processing toolbox Go to SAGA -> Shapes - Points -> Convert lines to points. Then you can choose 100m in Distance field. But I am not sure if the created ...

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