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I was able to figure this out myself using the Shapely library, like so: from shapely.geometry import LineString, Point, Polygon epsilon = 0.001 def is_between(a, b, c): crossproduct = (c.y - a.y) * (b.x - a.x) - (c.x - a.x) * (b.y - a.y) if abs(crossproduct) > epsilon : return False # (or != 0 if using integers) dotproduct = (c.x - a.x) * ...


My understanding of the Calibrate Routes tool is that it takes an existing line and then defines the space in time or ground measurement between the calibration points as they relate to the line itself. This is so that later, when you place points along a route, they correlate with whatever environment is being reproduced. For example, one might be able to ...

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