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It seems that it is not correct to compare geometries with "=" operator but you must use "ST_Equals" instead. This is your original case: SELECT ST_ASText(st_pointn(foo.geom, 1)), ST_AsText(st_pointn(foo.geom, 2)) from ( SELECT ST_GeomFromText('LINESTRING(-117.1642086 34.2779308,-117.1642145 34.2779305)') as geom ) foo where st_pointn(foo.geom, 1) = ...


Ultimately, turfjs does not seem to have an API for doing this. I was able to get the answer I wanted by enumerating the points in the polygon from the GeoJSON object to construct a sequence of line segments and then I used maxogden/geojson-js-utils linesIntersect function to test for intersection points. PS - this is a copy of the answer from the main ...

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