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You can do this with two "Rule-based Labelling" labels, with no filters. This lets you put multiple labels on a feature. The first rule labels the feature with the attribute you want at the start, the second rule with the end attribute. Initially your labels will appear in the centre of the line, so we need to fix that. Do that with "data defined" ...


Ok, I succeded with : UPDATE dijkstra_results_geo_aggregate SET path = (SELECT st_LineMerge(St_Union(dijkstra_results_geo.geom_path_intermediaire)) FROM dijkstra_results_geo) WHERE gid=1; Thanks you so much for your help! ;)


Finally I complete my solution. I haven't tested yet in my application but it seems to work in pgAdmin. In my case I have each geometry in disctint tables. What I did was : For lines -> ST_LineInterpolatePoint() with 0.5 factor. For polygons -> I test if ST_Centroid() is inside its geometry. If yes, then ST_Centroid() is the best choice, if not I choose ...


From the doc: ST_PointOnSurface — Returns a POINT guaranteed to lie on the surface.


From what i can understand it sorts (very naively) the nodes firstly by x, if x are equal then by y. CompareTo: reverse: ...

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