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With the OGR's function UnionCascaded() from osgeo import ogr shp= "yourfile" shapef = ogr.Open(shpor) lyr = shapef.GetLayer() unionc = ogr.Geometry(ogr.wkbMultiPolygon) for feat in xrange(lyr.GetFeatureCount()): fit= lyr.GetFeature(feat) geom= fit.GetGeometryRef() unionc.AddGeometry(geom) union= unionc.UnionCascaded()


GRASS 7 is not compatible with QGIS 2.8. You can follow the development of the new GRASS plugin on http://www.gissula.eu/qgis-grass-plugin-crowdfunding/progress.html. For 2.8, you will need to install GRASS 6.x.


I use a simple way to solve this using the UNIX bash. I made a script in the same path of images and ran it ("script.sh"). #!/bin/bash for i in *.tif do gdal_calc.py -A $i -B MASK.dat --calc="A/B" --NoDataValue=0 --format=ENVI --outfile=directory/$i.bin done MASK.dat is a binary image with only 10.000 values to scale in NDVI range. "i" are all the MODIS ...

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