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Here's what I suggest: g.mlist --q type=rast pattern-"*NDVI" mapset=shenkottah >> NDVIFILES and a similar expression for the QAFILES This will leave you with two files on your disk, each containing a list of the raster map names. To verify, test with the sed expression: sed -n "4p" NDVIFILES Then you should be able to run a loop to read the ...


I believe the solution to OP's question is to wrap the arguments as a list, and offset the list by one empty string (It's expecting the first argument to be the script name, so you can just ignore that argument: ogr2ogr.main(['', '-f', "Mapinfo File", '/home/firstuser/birmingham/Wood.tab'])


As you have now informed us you don't have access to MS office try http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtkdbfeditor/ This runs on multiple platforms and is free so should do what you want.

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