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Thanks for the report. I hope that I got it fixed in r62901. Please try again to install the addon as before so that the latest version gets fetched from the Addons repository.


The line breaks are in Classic Mac (CR); they should be in Unix (LF). I fixed this by opening my file in TextWrangler and changing the line encoding in the save as screen.


Rotating the map through the print composer can also be achieved using the python scripting command setMapRotation. mapRenderer = iface.mapCanvas().mapRenderer() c = QgsComposition(mapRenderer) c.setPlotStyle(QgsComposition.Print) x, y = 0, 0 w, h = c.paperWidth(), c.paperHeight() composerMap = QgsComposerMap(c, x,y,w,h) composerMap.setMapRotation(11) ...

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