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Check out LIDAR Widgets at There are native OS X apps available there for creating and viewing 3D terrain models from LAS/LAZ files. The apps are for OS X version 10.10 or higher.


I had the same problem but moved data over to Open Office and converted to CSV from OO. Then no problem


The information you are looking for is hidden in a panel that is collapsed/minimized on the right-hand side of the dialog. Here's how you can access it:


On a Mac running MacOS 10.11.4 (El Capitan) this worked for me: Download and install the latest QGIS. (Version 2.14.2 was posted to the download site around May 7, 2016.) Launch the app and go to Plugins > Manage and install > Installed, then look in the list of plugins for one called "Processing" and check the box. Restart.

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