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I would try the following: If you have v9.3 users trying view v10 map doc: Create v9.3 geodatabase and copy and paste features datasets/features classws in ArcCatolog from geodatabase 10 to 9.3 (have not tested this). Then resource your v10 mxd layers to v9.3 geodatabase data, and finally Save as Copy of v10 mxd to v9.3 mxd. Create layer package in v10 ...


As you noted there is no property to test for a thumbnail. In VBA you can test for the existence of a thumbnail with this simple bit of code: Public Sub test() Dim pMapDocument As IMapDocument Set pMapDocument = ThisDocument Dim pic As stdole.IPicture On Error GoTo eH Set pic = pMapDocument.Thumbnail Exit Sub eH: MsgBox "Map ...

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