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You can't build style into a GML the same way as you can in a MapInfo tab, however you can still bring that information over into your GML as an attribute against the features. You will need to add attributes to you GML feature to accept your MapInfo pen, color and width . Then link the exposed mapinfo_pen_* attributes to those attributes. Once that is ...


You can create a theme using Ranges. In the dialog 'Create Thematic Map - Step 3 og 3', you can click the 'Ranges...' button to changes the intervals. In the 'Customize Ranges" dialog you can pick 'Custom' from the Method list and then enter your preferred intervals.


MapInfo has a limit of 4096 characters per row (see http://testdrive.mapinfo.com/techsupp/miprod.nsf/kbase_by_product/BC5DE25962BC57C285256278002FB800). From your screenshot I suspect that your table structure may exceed this limit. Certain third party utilities which work with tab files have worked around this deficiency in MapInfo, so depending where ...

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