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You should modify the table, by adding 4 fields: x1, y1, x2, y2 or similar. Now do table update: x1=objectnodex(obj,1,1) y1=objectnodey(obj,1,1) For the end it is a little trickier: x2=objectnodex(obj,1,objectinfo(obj,22)) y2=objectnodey(obj,1,objectinfo(obj,22)) The above only works with polylines, not lines. Since the default coordsys is wgs84, you ...


We have also had success running both versions at the same time. The only thing we were concerned about was would each version be deemed as one serial number use or is there potential to run two versions with the same serial number?


This is a common issue, translating between mapinfo rasters to arc/Q can lead to positional errors. Converting using a tab-to-tfw tool will give mixed results but usually the rasters will be about 20-30m off. I would recommend either opening them in Arcmap (arc can read the georeferencing information in the tab file) and saving out a copy from Arcmap, or to ...


Thanks for sharing your module. You have mentioned a number of places yourself so let's try to summarize: communitydownloads.pbinsight.com: The Pitney Bowes Software site for sharing tools and source code for all our products MapInfo-L on Google Groups: the mailing list for a questions related to MapInfo products. It has been around for two decades and it ...

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