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I don't think what you're hoping for is possible. You will always need to have some special cases. Here's the two ways I suggest you do it: Don't use generic read/write and create all your input feature classes as distinct readers, and select them all and choose 'duplicate on writer' to set up the writer classes. This way you can modify each one ...


If only this were true. There is no Bing option in WMS nor is Google there. Neither seem to have WMS access.


You can use either Well-Known Text (WKT) or Well-Known Binary (WKB) as these can be read/written by both MapXtreme and SQL Server 2008. For MapXtreme you should be able to find utilities for doing so in the MapInfo.OGC namespace. From the MapXtreme 7.0 documentation: OGC Conversion for Geometries and Coordinate Systems The MapXtreme Extensible Data ...


MapInfo supports GeoTiff, just use File > Open and change the 'Files of Type' dropdown to 'Raster Images'. This should generate a tab file for your GeoTiff.

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