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You can do "update .... where rowid = N", but that is all. A single specific record or the whole table/selection.


The callout lines are somewhat limited in MapInfo. Below is a screenshot of MapInfo 12.5 64-bit (but this is the same in most recent 32-bit versions as well). You can create label lines, but the caveat is that they don't appear until you physically move the label. You can see I have moved points 5 and 6 in the below image. Once you've created the ...


There seems to be an existing MapInfo Idea for More options in MapInfo to allow for annotations (“callouts”), which suggests to me that it may not currently be possible.


There is a 'Samples' folder which comes with your MapBasic installation. Within that, under .NET, there is GoogleConnect. This contains the source code for the GELink utility which I assume is what you would use to export the data manually. This would be a good place to start. As for the symbology, Google and MapInfo have different symbol sets, but I think ...


You can try this via SQL Select: Select: * From Table(s): NODESTABLE Where: GROUNDLEVEL > (LIDARLEVEL + 0.5) In the example above replace: NODESTABLE with the name of your table GROUNDLEVEL with the name of the column holding the ground level LIDARLEVEL with the name of the column holding the LiDAR level Also note that the example above will give you ...


You can create a thematic map based on your layer and the column holding these values (2G, 3G, 2G/3G, etc). If your table isn't mappable you need to create points from your long/lat columns - use the function Create Points to do this. Then add your table to a map window or show it in a new map window. Make sure you create an Individual theme and select a ...


With the Info Tool you can see the attribute data for a record in the Info window. In the Info window the attributes are shown in a "Column" style in contrast to the Browser window that shows each record in a separate row. You can use the Info Tool in map windows as well as Browser windows


Very simple with Fetch: Fetch rec 125 From Database will find record #125 in your database...


The info tool only displays the tabular data stored in the file. This is NOT linked to the spatial data so any changes to the spatial data may require an update of the tabular data in order for the two to agree. In addition, check the projections of the session, map window, and table. You can ensure that the map window and session are using the same ...

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