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It was been rewritten with C, so now it's just renderd. On my ubuntu: which renderd /usr/bin/renderd


After raising this question to the Mapnik team, I got a definitive answer from Dane: https://github.com/mapnik/mapnik-support/issues/26 Basically, using the :: syntax inside a MSS stylesheet generates a new Style inside Mapnik configuration. Each Style queries the data and renders the features. So, in my first stylesheet, I got all my marker.svg rendered in ...


Judging from the error output you get the error is not with the system install of mapnik, but with the node dependency windshaft: The source of the failing file: /home/indictrans/Documents/Windshaft-cartodb/node_modules/windshaft/lib/windshaft/server.js:8:21 has the following line: , mapnik = require('mapnik') Since this require fails for you ...


Here was my problem: No way the SRTM data is that messed up. The SRTM data IS that messed up. The warping above is actually in the DEMs in the SRTM3 dataset (downloaded from http://dds.cr.usgs.gov). After examining DEMs from the improved SRTM4 dataset (available here) I found that most of these "gaps" were filled by interpolation but other issues ...


Just use the following command: $ sudo apt-get install python-mapnik2 It straight forward installs mapnik2 on your Ubuntu system.

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