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If you are looking for a KML viewer you can use ArcGIS Earth. It will give you the same look and feel as Google Earth but without knowing exactly what you data you are trying to display or the source and format of the data its hard to help you.


If you're looking to simply display information, Google Maps can work well. Google My Maps can actually directly load shapefiles. Your table will be displayed differently however, so don't expect the same functionality. All of your fields will be condensed into a single column with every field contained in each row. You can export as a KML, which is not ...


Check the instructions from Underdark about using OSM data (same as Stamen uses) with some style files she has made (see below for links) These have completely changed print cartography for us - we're doing both 36x24" plots and static images with the OSM lines styled with the 'Google' / colour version, and a black and white style I modified (I should ...

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