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Short answer - No. MXDs don't actually contain data, they're just containers that point to data that is stored somewhere else (as a shapefile, or in a file or personal geodatabase, or maybe as a KML/GPX). There are various ways to display that data on a mobile device. If you're using ESRI products, ArcGIS Online is the most direct route. I would ...


If you are going to model flooding you will need various datasets: The river network! Flood defence structures such as embankments Structures that control/influence flow such as sluice gates, weirs Who is going to be affected, so buildings (type residential/business), infrastructure such as roads/rail/bridges What else is going to be affected? What about ...


Any modern GPS should have accuracy of at least <10 meters. For some Garmin units, there is an 'average' function which increases the accuracy even more by taking many measurements over a period of time.


I'm not specialist in diseases but have to deal sometimes species abundance distributions (SAD) with co-variables, which is methodically similar to the to disease mapping (see topic 5 at the end). Risk mapping for diseases is a common task in science and statistics. The mapping context (in terms of making maps) is not so in the technical focus, because ...

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