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The Hibernate Page page has some fine print that may point to your issues. NOTE: Type parameters (see NHibernate mapping above) are not supported in ActiveRecord. ... NHibernate Mapping: In the XML mappings file, map all properties as usual but for geometry columns use the following entry: <property name="Geometry" column="the_geom" ...


Similar questions have been asked on the forums and "Ask a Cartographer". The question, How can I give my map an "antique" feel? has a link to a historical style (the 2nd link isn't working). There's also a presentation from NACIS 2006, on Historical Map Effects. The link is here. Scroll down the page or search for Historical. There should also be some ...


I think it may be a problem with where your /10000 is. Try: concat('Property Boundary: ',round(area(transform($geometry,'ESPG:4283','ESPG:3308')))/10000,' ha')

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