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Model builder, to my knowledge, does not expose the data driven pages functionality that you access on the toolbar. If you want to automate map output with data driven pages then you must use python and arcpy. Search help for DataDrivenPages (arcpy.mapping). From this page there is also a link to building map books.


Hornbydd is correct. There's an out of the box tool to do this called data driven pages. Data driven pages is based on the old school DS Map Book. It gives you the ability to make a map book series and strip maps. There's a handy cartography tool box with a tool for building a polygon index grid over data (like your lines), this in turn can be used in data ...


If those "strange" coordinates do not fit to Gauss-Krueger coordinate systems, they might be similar to the "preu├čisches Koordinatensystem". You will find some links to that in my answer to Conversion of coordinates of "Bochum coordinate system" You have to put up a custom CRS on the point "Trockenberg" in Cassini-Soldner projection, which was ...

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