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One particular example which takes into consideration size as well as cultural and social relevance is this map of Detroit which has made the rounds for several years: In this example, we cast our doubts about projections aside, and can focus on the meaning. In the case of Detroit - just how big is it? We all know how big the cities of Boston, New ...


It depends on the map projection. If both the source of country polygon, and the overlay/basemap are using equal area projections (which are not common, especially on webmaps) then yes a size comparison is 100% fair. Otherwise, no, different amounts of areal distortion are found at different parts of the globe. Further reading: ...


I have used this company before for printing both large scale maps for wall hanging (government maps) and for producing mailers that went with a specific public works campaign. They meet all your criteria. Our experiences were just fine but we had completed all the design work ourselves and were simply having things printed in formats and in quantities ...


The best option for a world map free software for me was NASA blue marble. http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_cat.php?categoryID=1484.

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