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Your topomap is a SpatialLinesDataframe. geom_map is used for polygons. I suggest you use geom_path as below. It connects observations in original order. (geom_line would order by x value, which you also don't want). topo <- readOGR("public.geojson.json", layer ="OGRGeoJSON") topo <- spTransform(topo, CRS("+init=epsg:31983")) class(topo) #[1] ...


I found a simple solution utilizing the "request-json" package: var request = require('request-json'); var client = request.createClient('https://cartodb.brighterdevelopment.com/user/demo-admin/api/v1/map/named?api_key=api_key_here'); client.post('', named_map, function(err,body) { //do something });

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