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I had this problem like you! You should write your data in each rows with spacing between columns by Tabs.. and also, it is important that fill the last row by spaces as strings and tabs.. it should be work!


I assume you know of a project in QGIS (the QGS file) like SecludedPath suggests. If you (on Windows) save a project in the folder C:\Users\USERNAME.qgis2\project_templates. It will be available in the menu Project > New From Template > your project. If you want to quick access for using that project as a starter for a new project.


My usual method is to use the convert utility from either ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick to convert a sequence of still images from a variety of formats, including PostScript, and output a variety of other formats, such as an animated GIF or MNG. For example, from a directory with several PostScript files, make an animated GIF with 0.2 seconds between each ...


There is no way you can get the map that small and still be readable like at that zoomlevel. Just consider this: the scalebar on gmaps (bottom right corner) is roughly 1", so even at z14: 1 km = 1 inch an imaginary country with 1000km*1000km, so a map of that country would take 1000"x1000" (1000000) you want it colored, so at least 8bit, i.e. *8 you want ...

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