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No. You may create a form for file upload from the browser, but you need server side script to process uploaded data or you can use ftp/scp to upload files to the server.


I think you mix up OSGEo4W and MS4W. These are different packages for Windows. OSGeo4W is a source for several FOSS4G project, among other MapServer and QGIS. MS4W contains programs, tools necessary to run/maintain a MapServer instance on Windows (Apache, Mapserver, Mapserver utilities, several libraries). You can use any of them but do not mix them up.


You have done right way because you got this message. mapserv(): Web application error. Traditional BROWSE mode requires a TEMPLATE in the WEB section, but none was provided. You just need to add some GET parameter in url... like this (depend on your mapfile content): ...

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