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You can setup OUTPUTFORMAT declarations which leverage MapServer's use of OGR for custom output formats (including CSV, GeoJSON). See the documentation for further details. Update: this does not appear to be the case for GetPropertyValue requests, only GetFeature requests.


The first step should be to enter your data in a PostGIS database. Then you have to connect MapServer to PostGIS and create layers for each of your tables or views in the PostGIS db. Finally you will have to load these layers in OpenLayers.


If you mean to have 1-4 adjacent color boxes at bottom-left, top-left, bottom-right, and top-right positions then I would do it by having one square symbol with points POINTS 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 END Then I would make four copies of the symbol with different ANCHORPOINTs as documented in ...

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