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I see the same issue. Took a look at this file in InkScape, and used Shift-Ctrl-F to bring up the Fill and Stroke properties. I noticed that the fill on your green and blue areas were set to 'pattern fill', stripes 1:1. Make a note of your blue and green colours first. Next, change to use 'Flat Color' on both the coloured areas, then reselect your colours ...


Simplest way is to style the line. Add a new symbol layer to your line and change the 'Symbol Layer Type' to marker line. Select 'Marker' in the style tree and select a triangle as your default marker symbol. I believe 'triangle 2' is your best bet. Accept these changes and all your lines will now have arrow showing the direction of the line. You can mess ...


I found a solution for now by simply putting a '\' char at the end of each line inside my other php or html files

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