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Within ArcMap, I think you're looking for the Raster to ASCII tool (under the Conversion Tools -> From Raster toolboxes). (The Matlab output, if it's in ASCII, can in theory be imported into arc with the related ASCII to Raster tool -- not sure if you've tried that.)


You can use the gdal utility gdal_translate to convert from tif to Arc ascii grid I think the basic command would be like: gdal_translate -of AAIGrid input.tif output.asc


It depends what kind of XML format you have. Do you have GML, KML, GPX or some homegrown XML format? If you are using a standard spatial XML, I would suggest looking at OGR2OGR which is part of GDAL tool kit. It's a commandline tool that can import several formats into PostGIS and other spatial databases and spatial formats. ...

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