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Here would be a procedure suggestion using Matlab and the mapping toolbox. this is not a turnkey solution, but if you are familiar with matlab, it would provide you the advantage of automation and replication on many rivers. 1- Produce a centerline, either by hand in ArcGis or produce it automatically (google for a method). I have'nt found a way that ...


David Tarboton does a good job of breaking it down at basically as does Jenson. Jenson, S. K., and J. O. Domingue. 1988. "Extracting Topographic Structure from Digital Elevation Data for Geographic Information System Analysis." Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 54 (11): ...


You might want to have a look at these Matlab functions More specificaly, you can generate a flow accumulation matrix using DEM = GRIDobj('YourRaster.tif'); FD = FLOWobj(DEM,'preprocess','carve'); A = flowacc(FD); cheers

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