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See the documentation. pycsw-admin.py is not used for GeoNode specific workflows. Having said this, pycsw connects directly to the GeoNode core database to generate metadata.


The USGS provides a tool for bulk downloading of Landsat Metadata: Landsat Bulk Metadata Service The MTL files will allways be distributed with the data if you download the scenes through USGS EarthExplorer. If you don't want to download the bands again and just the MTL text files for each scene you can take a look at Amazons Landsat Mirror. Each scene is ...


This is the solution for you by using ENVI and timeseries analysis http://www.exelisvis.com/docs/TimeSeriesTutorial.html


You are correct, pycsw is curently used to expose only harvested datasets.This work was done for the US data.gov project. By default CKAN does not store ISO-19115 or FGDC elements in its database schema to make it easy for publishers to publish open data. The minimum required CKAN metadata elements are not enough to be represented/transformed into a valid ...

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