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You can't directly in one step, as far as I know. Raster_columns and raster_overviews are both views. This was done by design to prevent mismatches between constraints, meta data and actual data. You can see the definition of these views if you look in the file rtpostgis.sql that comes in the contrib/postgis/ folder of the postgres directory. All of this ...


This is not related to geoNetwork, but with the metadata schema you are using. I am not sure if there is any metadata schema that supports definition of features, but if there is, you just have to use it and fill the fields so geoNetwork can know about them. More info about metadata schemas here: http://www.fgdc.gov/metadata/geospatial-metadata-standards


I have encountered the same issue in QGIS 2.4 x64 on Windows 7. Following a comment on the qgis-user list I can confirm that having the Python console open whilst running Metatools seems to stop the error from occurring. I don't know why at this stage though! UPDATE: The Python Console doesn't need to be open when running Metatools, it merely needs to have ...

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