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Any given GPS unit only has a certain level of accuracy, and different units will determine their position in different ways. The technical term is dilution of precision (DOP) and there are many contributions to the error: what satellites are providing the signals, what time of day is it, is it cloudy, are you near dense vegetation, is the signal bouncing ...


GeoODK, is a good solution. It is currently being used for agg monitoring by geoglam. Its nice because you can take your maps offline with you as well as other layers. Also you can collect polygon as well as points and other spatial features. A new release was just launched. Check it out. geoodk.com Cheers


For the map div sive you can use the getSize() function that returns a openLayers.Size instance that have width and height properties see: http://dev.openlayers.org/releases/OpenLayers-2.7/doc/apidocs/files/OpenLayers/Map-js.html#OpenLayers.Map.getSize map = new.OpenLayers.Map('map'); size = map.getSize() width = size.w height = size.h

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