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It may not be your gps readings. The map base is unlikely to be as accurate as your readings. You are probably/possibly experiencing the difference between absolute position and relative/cartographic/ortho position. Unless the area you are surveying has been mapped to high accuracy putting your position on it may well appear innaccurate.


If the area is known and stationary, why not skip GPS altogether and use beacons? You can get accuracy up to a few inches using that approach. As of today, there are many software+hardware SDKs that are coming out that enable you to pinpoint location using fixed beacons and a local coordinate system (which then you can translate to a different coordinate ...


If you're using just a mobile phone, I don't think you would be able to get much more than that unless they support some form of differential correction or post processing. I haven't heard of that support in mobile phones yet. GPS units that collect that type of info (in my experience) are generally rather large and may weigh as much and be as big as ...


I think you are correct that the only way to update Waze is manually using the Waze Map Editor. To determine whether there is any unadvertised means to apply updates in the way you seek I recommend contacting Waze using their Contact Us page.

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