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You should also check out GeoODK which is a ODK build with am mapping functions. www.geoodk.com


There is a good website here that lists the ever expanding set of 3D rendering libraries for Android. I can't speak to the quality of any of them as I've only ever used JMonkeyEngine very briefly. They do have a range of target platforms (including Android obviously) and are based on various languages including C/C++, Java, and JavaScript. The other option ...


All you need to do is create a correct URL in your app and use Java to open the URL and fetch the contents as an image. The display the image as usual. To determine what URL you need you should read the WMS specification, or if you are in a hurry crib one from the GeoServer examples page or any other web map you can find.


Geoserver is a Server based application that generates maps by sending tiles to a Client Application. The two most Common Client Applications are Openlayers and Leaflet which rely on JavaScript to handle the presentation of the tiles to the end user on the Client. JavaSE has the ScriptEngineManager (javax.script package) which can execute JavaScript, and ...

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