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Start ArcCatalog window and implement your mentioned method on the ArcCatalog Screen. I've showed at the square. Good Luck.


This is more a comment than an answer.... Converted it with FME workbench (safesoftware) is a 15mb.kmz can add styles to the layers too. the data was a personal geodatabase (.mdb).


To export all data within the mdb file, first add them to a mxd (map) and then save the mxd and use "Map to kml" tool. To export only one feature class use "Layer to Kml" tool.


Given that VBA is a programming language, in theory, it is possible to process a KMZ file. However, you must first unzip it from binary into KML format. Maybe look at how-to-parse-process-a-kmz-file and Read From Binary Files in Visual Basic for inspiration. Then you need to parse this hierarchically structured KML data and reconcile it with the relationally ...

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