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Check it with odbc and search if database contain table starting with GDB_ import pyodbc db_file = "C:/path/to/my/database/MyDataBase.mdb" user = '' password = '' odbc_conn_str = 'DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=%s;UID=%s;PWD=%s' % \ (db_file, user, password) cnxn = pyodbc.connect(odbc_conn_str) cursor = cnxn.cursor() if ...


I didn't have a straightforward solution to bulk load images into a style without programming, so I tackled the problem from a different direction. Font symbols load faster than images so I used this video to help me make a font with Inkscape. SVG font with Inkscape


I have developed VBA code that does this. Unfortunately it does not work for my BMPs (I fear they are too big). You can try it on yours. Did you solve this another way? I don't see a way to attach my MDB/Style file, but happy to send it to you. Eric


This should work: ##Database=group ##Access.mdb to SqLite=name ##inputmdb= input file ##outputsqlite = output file import sys, subprocess, os, sqlite3 as sql mdb_name = inputmdb sql_name = outputsqlite try: print "\nopening db" conn = sql.connect(sql_name) curs = conn.cursor() print "\ncreating schema" cmds = ...


In addition to all of the above, I found that having a column formatted in excel (mine was having a number formatted to be a dollar value-- 1000 was now $1000.00) caused issue with exporting. Going into the original spreadsheet and formatting the column to be just a generic number without a dollar sign did the trick.


No, the assumption was not correct (ArcObjects is calling the Access function, so there should be no difference). However: Access-based geodatabases are "old school", with limitations in size and capability; their use has been greatly de-emphasized of late, especially in light of the deprecation of PGDB support on 64-bit platforms (no ArcGIS Server or ...

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