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A Map Package (mpk) will only hold 1 MXD, but could hold multiple GDBs. If your original MXD has 100 featureclasses from 5 different databases (multiple fGDB or SDE instances), the data that gets copied to the package will be held inside 5 GDBs named based on the original database. So to your point, you're sort of correct. Its more you'd have 400 MPKs if you ...


I once used Arc Crawler (or MXD Crawler) that could maybe answer your question but I couldn't make it work again on my Arcgis 10.X version. Seems to work for ArcGIS 9.3


Short answer - No. MXDs don't actually contain data, they're just containers that point to data that is stored somewhere else (as a shapefile, or in a file or personal geodatabase, or maybe as a KML/GPX). There are various ways to display that data on a mobile device. If you're using ESRI products, ArcGIS Online is the most direct route. I would ...


This is just a pure Python solution. It assumes all your folders are within a root directory, and simply copies a specified MXD into each folder. import os import shutil #change path to the MXD you'd like to copy mxd_to_copy = "C:\\Projects\\Map.mxd" #change to the root of where all the folders are stored workspace = "C:\\Projects" for dirpath, dirnames, ...


The reason why this code is failing is down to you missing () off the save method on your MXD, so you were not saving your changes. This code worked for me import arcpy print "This script turns off the following layers:" mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(r"C:\Scratch\newcode.mxd") for lyr in arcpy.mapping.ListLayers(mxd): print lyr.name lyr.visible = ...


A layer (.lyr) file and your rasters are not the same thing. A layer (.lyr) file is serving two functions: It tells ArcMap where to find the raster data. It tells ArcMap how to draw the raster data. A layer file by itself can be shared between multiple users. When brought into ArcMap, this information is stored in the map document, along with any ...


This may be what you are looking for, smartexporter.dxf http://www.gisexpertsolutions.com/ There is a trial version on the site.

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